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10 Annual Flowers that Bloom all Summer

Beautiful Annual Flowers that Bloom all Summer Long

Did you know that you can actually find annual flowers that bloom all summer long?

How amazing is that simple idea to know that you can look out your window during the summer months and see beautiful flowers that are blooming at any given point in time.

If you’re looking for a simple way to plant your flower garden that will result in beauty for several months of time, why not consider planting it full of annual flowers for that purpose?

And since annual plants are only made to really last one growing season, this means that you can fill your garden space with them and give it a season to see what you think.

If you’re not crazy about how it looks, you can easily change them out and try something new!

Annual flowers that bloom all summer

It’s quite comforting though to think about having a garden that blooms colorful beauty for months on end.

(You may also be interested in growing some of these native French flowers in your garden).

Read on to find our selection of stunning annual flowers that bloom all summer.

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Blue Annual Flowers that Bloom all Summer

If you’re wanting to fill your garden space with blue annual flowers, check out some of these simple suggestions below. They’ll all be a different shade of blue but will still be bright and vibrant.

#1. Blue Himalayan Poppies

Blue Himalayan Poppies

Blue Himalayan Poppy is a beautiful and stunning blue flower. If you plant this variety in your garden, it just might steal the show.

#2. Cornflower


If you play your gardening cards right, you can actually plant this type of blue annual early and have it bloom quickly, too. Cornflower will give your garden space a brighter look than many of the other gardens in your area.

#3. Delphinium


You might not find any other blue annuals more true blue than this. Its beautiful blue coloring is certain to make it attract the eye easily time and time again.

#4. Blue Dandelion

Blue Dandelion

Yep, you read that right. You can even find blue dandelions to bring beauty into your garden space. So much for thinking, they’re just weeds, right?

(You may also want to check out these beautiful blue flowers that bloom in spring).

White Annual Flowers that Bloom all Summer

Who says that you can’t add in some white annuals throughout your garden space as well? The more color options you add in, the more vibrant and beautiful that garden space is going to be.

#5. Jimsonweed

Jimson weed flower plant

This type of white annual is actually pretty common and will add a fun look to your garden space. Just be prepared to take a peek at this flower at night because that is when it’s going to bloom!

#6. Hare’s Tail

Hare's Tail

This annual just looks really cool. It’s no wonder that it has the name that it has and once you plant it and see it grow, you’re going to love just how quirky it is.

#7. Swan River Daisy

Swan River Daisy

These dainty flowers are so petite looking and beautiful and can be bought in white, purple, and even pink.

Now that you know that you can add in a few different colors, you’re going to be certain to create a garden space that really stands out from the others.

Heat Tolerant Annuals for Container

Worried that you live in an area where it’s too hot to plant outdoors and you’re needing to consider container planting instead? Don’t worry, annuals can thrive in containers as well.

And when it comes to the heat, just be mindful of their time in the sun and their watering and you should be able to overcome the wrath of Mother Nature and her scorching hot days.

But just in case, here are some of the best heat tolerant annuals for containers!

#8. Lantana

Lantana annual flower plant

Although a perennial flower, Lantana is grown as an annual in the northern (cooler) region. They are so beautiful! Putting them in a container will easily showcase why they’re made for front porch living.

Big green leaves and colorful blooms will have them giving your home curb appeal in no time at all.

#9. Sedum


The great thing about these annuals is that they’re really pretty and have a cool texture as well. You can use them in containers or also in window boxes, too.

#10. Bidens

Bidens annual flower

You’re going to be pleasantly surprised with how fast and easy these annual plants grow in the heat. It’s almost as though the heat makes them grow even more quickly!

Truth be told, if you want to plant your garden with annual flowers, do so! They’re pretty easy to maintain and offer spectacular colors and beauty.

How Many Times Do Annuals Bloom?

Annuals actually are going to have a life span of one year in length. And while they might need to be replanted every year, they have a long growing season that is certain to give you plenty of beauty.

Which is Better, Annuals or Perennials?

This all depends on how often you’re wanting to plant. Annuals will allow you to change up what you want to plant each year while perennials mean that once you’ve planted them, you’re going to have those same plants year and year.

Some people love this fact about perennials while others choose annuals specifically for that reason so that they can plant and try out different things every year.

Can Annual Flowers Grow Back?

Some people will swear by the fact that their annual plants grow back each and every year. This CAN happen but it’s not likely. The only way that they do grow back is if they drop their own seeds and they get replanted in the soil.

Now that you know the best annual flowers that bloom all summer, which ones are you going to plant?

Annual flower plants that bloom all summer

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