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14 Flowers that Look Like Peonies

Peony Look Alike – 14 Fluffy Flowers Similar to Peonies

Peonies are popular flowers due to their large fragrant fluffy blossoms. There are 33 recognized species of Peonies most of which stand 1 to 3 feet tall.

While various species of Peonies can look different from one another the most popular varieties of this flower either have 5 outer petals with a modified stamen or have a base of 50 or more inner petals with larger petals known as guard petals surrounding the outside.

Peonies come in an array of colors including pink, red, purple, white and yellow.

For those of you who enjoy the fluffier look of the Peony and want more flowers like this in your garden there are plenty of Peony look alike flowers you can choose from. Here is a look at some of the different flowers that look like Peonies.

Flowers that look like peonies

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14 Beautiful Flowers that Look Like Peonies

#1. Double Tulip (Peony Tulip)

Double Tulip

The double tulip also called the peony tulip was especially bred to have fluffier petals. These lovely flowers come in a variety of colors including white, yellow, pink, orange, red and purple.

They grow well in zones 7 through 10 and are early blooming flowers, blooming in February or March in warmer climates and April or May in colder climates.

#2. Begonias


Begonias grow to under 12 inches tall and come in three basic colors pink, yellow and white (although shades of these colors may vary).

These plants grow best in zones 8 through 10 and do best in morning or evening sunlight rather that the hotter afternoon sun. The flowers tend to bloom during the summer months.

#3. Peony Rose

Peony Rose

The Peony Rose is so named because it closely resembles the Peony, even coming in many of the same colors as its namesake flower such as white, pink and red.

This flower blooms from mid-spring throughout the summer and they make for great cut flowers. When these flowers are placed in a vase, they can easily last up to a week.

#4. Eden Rose

Eden Rose

The Eden Rose is a climbing rose that comes in white, pink or flowers with pink centers and cream colored outer petals.

These flowers have 50 to 60 petals, giving it the fluffy look of a Peony. What makes these flowers unique is their kind of tart scent.

#5. May Rose

May Rose

The May Rose grows on a bush and each flower has several layers of fluffy petals. Most of these roses are pink with rarer colors being dark red, white and even purple.

The May Rose bush grows about 4 feet high and the flowers have a honey/almond scent that is medium strong. This bush grows best in zones 4 through 11.

#6. Julia Child Rose

Julia Child Rose

Named after the well-known French Chef with the funny voice, this flower the Julia Child rose was developed in 2004.

This peony look alike rose has 35 ruffled petals and comes in a beautiful butter color with a clove like scent.

This flower blooms in late spring throughout the summer months and grows in zones 5 through 10 and likes full sun and well-drained soil.

#7. Peony Poppy

Peony Poppy

Peony Poppies are Poppies that closely resemble a Peony. These ruffled petal flowers should be planted in late winter or early spring while the weather is still cold.

This flower grows best in zones 3 through 10. Peony Poppies come in several colors including red, purple, pink and white.

#8. Garden Rose

Garden Rose

The Garden rose can grow anywhere from 3 to 8 feet tall and comes in a wide variety of colors and shades. This flower can have up to 60 spherical petals, which help it resemble the peony.

These flowers will bloom from mid-spring throughout summer and even into early fall. They do like sunlight (at least 6 hours) and well drained loamy soil.

#9. Persian Buttercup (Ranunculus)

Persian Buttercup (Ranunculus)

The Persian Buttercup also known as the Ranuculus flower is a flower resembling a Peony that is native to Japan.

This cool weather plant loves sunshine and should be planted in the fall so they can bloom in early spring though mid-summer.

These flowers come in white, red, orange and yellow and have an abundance of tissue paper thin petals. They make great bouquet or cut flowers and will last up to a week in a vase with proper care.

#10. Camelia


The Camelia flower grows on trees or bushes and can come in different sizes and shapes.

These flowers can grow to be anywhere from 2 to 12 feet high depending on the variety and colors include Pink, white, and deep intense red.

The Camelia is a flower that loves cooler weather and blooms anywhere from January to mid-march. They grow best in zones 7 through 9 and like partial shade and well drained soil.

#11. Peony Flowered Dahlia

Peony Flowered Dahlia

The Peony flowered Dahlia is a flower that is related to the sunflower, zinna and daisy, but resembles a peony.

This is a tuberous flower that can grow 4 to 6 feet tall and blooms in late summer. This plant grows best in zones 7-10. (Here are more dahlia types.)

#12. Marigold


Like the Dahlia, the Marigold too is a member of the sunflower family, but resembles a peony.

This flower has a composite of disk like florets much like the peony and comes in gold, orange, yellow, white and even maroon.

Marigold will grow to about 4 feet tall and has a pleasant musky scent. It grows in all seasonal zones and tends to bloom in late spring and the flowers last until the first frost.

#13. Chabaud Carnation

Chabaud Carnation

The Chabaud Carnation comes in a wide variety of flowers as well as colors. These flowers resemble miniature peonies and plants grow between 1 and 4 feet tall.

They have a pleasing ruffled texture and grow best in full sun or partial shade. They also like well-drained soil. These flowers grow best in zones 7-10. These carnations tend to bloom in the summer months.

#14. Lisianthus


The Lisianthus flower comes in several varieties with the Texas Bluebell and Prairie Gentian most resembling the peony.

These tall end flowers bloom during the early summer months and grow in a variety of colors including: blue, white, pink, purple, yellow and carmine red. These flowers grow best in zones 8 through 10.

Final Thoughts on Flowers that Look Like Peonies

If you like the look of Peonies these flowers will give you the same multilayered and fluffy petal look that peonies are known for.

Peony look alike flowers.

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