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9 Flowering Perennials that Bloom all Summer

Amazing Perennial Flowers that Bloom all Summer Long

Did you know that there are several flowering perennials that bloom all summer long?

Not only does this mean that it’s less work on your part when planting a garden but it also means that you’ll have beautiful flowers in your yard or garden area for quite a long time.

The best part about having flower plants that bloom all summer is that it means you don’t have to worry about planting them over and over again.

Having pretty flowers in bloom for the summer months is truly quite the sight.

Flowering perennials that bloom all summer long

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Full Sun Perennial that Bloom all Summer

It’s important to note that there are several different types of perennial flowers that you could consider for your garden area.

If you have a space that gets a ton of sun during the day, don’t count it out as a good planting area.

Why not load it up with some great full sun perennial flowers that are certain to grow with ease?

#1. Salvia


This tall purple flower can take the sun for hours on end. And just when you thought you knew everything you wanted to know about this plant, you find out that there are a lot of varieties and they’ll all pretty resilient to the climates that they’re planted in.

#2. Purple Coneflower

Purple Coneflower

Don’t underestimate the strength of this perennial flower. It not only gets pretty tall (sometimes over 3 feet in height!) but it also just might outlast the other flowers you plant. This is one tough cookie in the flower world.

#3. Dianthus


Talk about a beautiful perennial. This is a pretty pink color and can grow to be quite tall as well. It can also bloom in other colors too, so you could easily plant your whole garden area with this strong perennial flower. It is also one of the best flowers for raised beds.

#4. Daylily


If you’re going for ease, this is the plant for you. With minimal effort required, this plant seems to pretty much grow and bloom all on its own.

Drought Tolerant Perennials that Bloom all Summer

Do you live in an area where you just don’t get a ton of rain? Or maybe you’ve rated the Farmer’s Almanac for the year and know it’s going to be a lot drier than normal.

Regardless, there are perennial flowers that you can plant that don’t need a ton of water to survive.

Purple Coneflower

Notice a trend with this perennial? It’s such a versatile option that can grow in full sunshine and all without a ton of water. If you live in a dry area, this is a no-brainer choice to plant.

#5. Russian Sage

Russian Sage

Many people plant this because it’s so tough but they underestimate just how fast it can grow. If you’re not careful, it just might overtake your garden area and everything in it.

Planting this plant makes for a beautiful sight but just be certain that you have a large enough space to house it.

#6. Ornamental Grass

Ornamental Grass

This grass is a great option to plant. Not only does it look pretty cool but it really does add good curb appeal to the front yard area as well. With minimal water needed, you can’t go wrong with this fun addition.

Shade Perennial Flowers that Bloom all Summer

Just as there are perennials that love the sun, there are ones that love the shade, too. In fact, many of them really don’t even need sunlight to bloom.

#7. Geranium


This is probably one of the easiest shade loving perennials to plant and the most popular as well. It grows quickly and creates a beautiful focal point in your garden. Geranium is also one of the most popular traditional Spain flowers.

#8. Spiderwort 


Even though this is listed here in the shade category, this plant can be planted in the sunshine as well. It’s versatile for both options and it’s a strong and beautiful plant to consider planting in your garden.

#9. Hardy Fuchsias 

Hardy Fuchsias

This plant can handle partial shade so it’s a nice one to have. Once it blooms, it’s easy to see why it’s a fan favorite for many people who are looking for plant options that grow well in the shade.

What are the Most Fragrant Perennials?

Many people actually plant perennials because of their bright colors as well as their fun smells.

If you’re looking for the best smelling perennials, you’re going to want to plant petunias and cosmos flowers.

They put off a lovely fragrance that you’ll smell right as you walk out of your door.

What are the Most Colorful Perennials?

Sprucing up your outdoor area with colorful perennials sounds like the perfect plan. Why not have a wide variety of colors that you can achieve by planting a wide variety of perennial plants?

Some of the most colorful plant options are Hollyhock, Ice Plant, and Summer Phlox.

All of these perennial plants have the ability to grow large and bloom big and be loaded down with great colors.

What is the Best Time to Plant Perennials?

If you’re looking for perennials to grow in the summer, the best time to plant them is in the early spring months. Think March or early April, depending on the climate and weather in your area.

While you want to plant them early to bloom for summer, you have to time it just right.

March/April is the sweet spot for planting your perennials to ensure that they have enough time to grow for summer blooming.

Now that you know perennial flowers that bloom all summer, it’s time to choose the ones that you’re going to plant. Out of the list above, do you have any of them that are catching your eye?

Creating a garden full of perennial flowers is certain to be quite the beautiful summer sight!

Which of the perennial flowers that bloom all summer long are you looking to plant?

Perennial flowers that bloom all summer

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