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13 Awesome Primrose Varieties

Different Types of Primrose Flowers

It may surprise you to know that there are over 400 to 500 species of primroses. These early spring flowers can bloom anywhere from late winter to early summer.

The primrose likes humus rich neutral or acidic soil, but grows best in partial shade making them the ideal flower to plant around trees.

Many varieties of primrose tend to grow in clusters making for a lovely natural bouquet. And they are one of the flowers that represent love and romance.

The primrose is low maintenance and most varieties are both rabbit and deer and resistant.

Native to North America, South America and Europe these flowers grow best in zones 3 through 8 and come in a wide variety of colors.

Various primrose varieties.

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13 Gorgeous Primrose Varieties

#1. Common Primrose

Common Primrose

The common primrose may be a creamy or pale yellow color with dark yellow star shaped center and a tiny dark eye surrounded by evergreen medium green leaves.

These flowers grow in a clump about 6 inches high and are known to attract butterflies and other beneficial insects.

The common primrose often grows wild in woodland areas.

#2. Cowslip Primrose

The cowslip primrose is another perennial flower that blooms early in the spring. They tend to grow in the wild where they can be seen in meadows and pastures as well as grown along side the road and in more open wooded areas.

This type of primrose features upright green stems about 8 to 10 inches tall with oblong leaves and fragrant sunny yellow flowers shaped like a cup or a bell.

#3. Drumstick Primrose

Drumstick Primrose

Native to China and the Himalayas the Drumstick primrose features a think rounded head of flowers in lilac, blue, pink or white.

This primrose stands 8 to 10 inches tall with the round head of flowers sitting on top of the stems. It also has lance shaped wrinkled leaves.

The Drumstick primrose reminds me slightly of a topiary tree with its tall straight stems and the rounded flower tops.

#4. Bears Ear Primrose

Bears Ear Primrose

The Bears Ear primrose is an eye-catching rosette with light green leaves and clusters of double petal flowers.

The outer petals are either crimson/mahogany or purple/violet and inner petals of cream with golden yellow centers. These flowers stand 6 to 10 inches tall.

#5. Orchid Primrose

Orchid Primrose

The Orchid primrose looks quite different than other primroses since this variety of the flower consists of tiny petals on a long cone like structure with spear shaped light green leaves.

The petals of these flowers are light purplish/pink on the bottom of the cone and red petals on the top.

The Orchid primrose is about 18 inches high and like most of the other primrose varieties is deer and rabbit resistant.

#6. Candelabra Primrose (Bull’s Eye)

Candelabra Primrose

The Candelabra primrose also known as the Bull’s eye primrose is a semi-green perennial that grows to be 1 to 3 feet high.

This primrose features golden flowers with darker gold centers that grow in 6 to 8 whorls. These flowers sit on strong green stems and grow best in damper areas such as by ponds and in bogs.

#7. Cherry Blossom Primrose (Siebold)

Cherry Blossom Primrose

The Cherry Blossom primrose also known as the Siebold primrose features a 12 inch flower stalk with cherry red, pink, lavender or white flowers.

The leaves of this flower are oval and light green with scalloped edges. This primrose blooms later than most other primroses blooming from late spring to early summer. The dainty blossoms of these flowers rise above a rosette of pale green wrinkled leaves.

There are a number of cultivars of the Cherry blossom primrose including The Bride, Blue Lagoon and Frilly blue.

#8. Common Evening Primrose

Common Evening Primrose

If you are looking for night opening plants then the Common Evening primrose may be ideal for your yard or garden. This flower features upright purple-tinged stems with bowl shaped bright yellow flowers that have a nice lemony scent.

The entire flower is edible and the oil has been proven to have therapeutic uses. As mentioned, this flower opens in the evening and remains open until late morning.

The plant stands about 5 feet tall making it one of the tallest primroses that bloom in the spring.

#9. Moonlight Primrose

Moonlight Primrose

The Moonlight primrose is an ornamental flower that features very fragrant bell shaped flowers in yellow, silvery-violet, white, pale mauve or raspberry.

This primrose blooms from early spring to late summer. It can tolerate full sun, but does not tolerate extreme heat. This flower can reach up to 20 inches high.

#10. Japanese Primrose

Japanese Primrose

The Japanese primrose is a lovely flower that blooms in late spring to early summer.

Lovely flowers that come in shade of red, pink, purple or white are spaced out along upright stems that are between 12 and 18 inches tall. Around the plant are lettuce looking leaves in bright green.

#11. Primula Belarina Cobalt Blue

Primula Belarina Cobalt Blue

The Primula Belarina Cobalt Blue primrose features vibrant blue double flowers surrounded by rosettes of bright green leaves that bloom throughout the spring.

Although these flowers can tolerate the shade they actually love the sun.

This perennial flower only grows to be between 5 and 8 inches tall making them ideal to grow in containers. Note that this primrose does need a bit of care, as it is susceptible to pests such as aphids, slugs and more.

#12. Primula Gold-Laced Primrose

Primula Gold-Laced Primrose

The Primula Gold-Laced primrose features oval green leaves that form a rosette against flat flowers with dark red petals with golden yellow centers and edges.

This perennial stands between 6 to 8 inches high and looks great planted on the edges of flowerbeds or in containers.

#13. Primula Zebra Blue

Primula Zebra Blue

The Primula Zebra Blue primrose features large blue and white striped flowers with yellow centers.

The leaves of this flower are dark green and lance shaped. This hybrid flower grows to a height of 6 to 8 inches and blooms from late winter to end of spring.

Final Thoughts on the Different Varieties of Primrose Flowers

There are many, many more types of primroses that you can check into, however the above varieties should give you some idea of the popularity and variety of looks of this special flower.

Different types of primrose flowers.

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