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Best Vegetables and Herbs to Plant in the Fall

Vegetables and Herbs You Can Plant in the Fall (Autumn)

Knowing the best vegetables and herbs to plant in the fall will help make your fall garden a success. Planting food in the fall for your fall garden is a priority for many gardeners as the summer comes to a close but the truth is, well into the fall you can still keep planting.

The thing you plant well into the fall will help provide food for your family over the winter or be the first line of harvest for your family in the early spring.

These autumn crops should be on your radar for planting this fall to get ahead.

Vegetables and herbs to plant in fall

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Planting in the Fall

You would be surprised how many things can be planted in the fall for a thriving garden next year.

Some plants like garlic actually need the cold of winter to grow to their full potential, making fall planting a priority while other plants will simply handle the fall weather well allowing you to take advantage of this time to help get ahead for next year.

You can grow some vegetables in the fall to produce food over the later part of fall and into the early winter to help lower the cost of feeding your family. In these tough times being able to feed your family from your garden longer is a true blessing.

And you can even plant these veggies and herbs in containers like 5 gallon buckets to make it easier to move around if needed.

Best Autumn Vegetables to Plant Now

Planting vegetables in the fall helps to give your food earlier in the spring or even over the winter. Some vegetables need the winter cold to thrive while others simply do not care if they get cold.



Garlic should be planted in the fall if at all possible. This gives them the entire long cold winter to help them settle in and grow. If you miss this planting opportunity you can plant as soon as the soil is workable as far from the last frost as possible or even over the long cold winter.

Garlic has many great benefits and can be a great asset for helping to repel unwanted wildlife from your garden. Hence, it helps to protect young plants in the early spring while adding a flavorful addition to your meals come late summer.



Carrots can be planted in the fall and left in the ground through the winter to harvest when you are ready to use them. This is a great way to have fresh produce available even in the winter.

Any leftover by spring can be harvested to make room for spring crops. Many gardeners and homesteaders have been doing this for generations to help feed their families through the heart of winter.

Collard Greens

Collard greens

Collard greens will grow over the winter, allowing you to harvest some for fresh use right out of the garden even in temperatures below freezing.

To grow these greens over the winter you will want to plant them in the fall long before the first frost to give the plant a head start and be mindful to mulch well.

Collard greens are also one of the best veggies to grow in Southern California.



Planting scallions in the early fall will allow them to pop up and be ready for harvest in the early Spring. This is a great way to help make your garden able to feed your family faster.

For harvesting in the late fall and early winter you can plant perennial bunching onions that will still be edible right from the garden for quite a while even after the snow has rolled in.



Turnips will grow and thrive well into the winter. Not only can you eat the nutrient-packed tubers but also the greens. Thus, making this a great option for providing your family with food right from your garden through the start of winter.

While these may not be a favorite vegetable they will grow well in the cold and can be used in place of potatoes in many of your favorite dishes.



Rhubarb is a great perennial that you can plant in the fall as part of your landscaping rather than taking up a section of your vegetable garden.

This hardy perennial vegetable will grow in the spring and produce food for your family. And the falling lovely green foliage that occur before many other plants are fully grown help to fill in garden beds early in the season.

Best Herbs to Plant in the Fall

Some herbs are particularly suited to planting in the fall to growing in the spring.

The trick here is to plant with enough time for the roots to become established and they will begin to grow again in the spring where you can harvest much faster than plants that you start fresh in the spring.


Chives herb

Chives will grow back year after year spreading in large clumps. You can plant these in the early fall giving them plenty of time to establish themselves to grow quickly in the spring.

With cold frames or recovers, you can continue to harvest this herb well into the winter allowing this to be a great addition to your winter meals.



Lavender is a great herb for growing in your home garden or decorative pots. While lavender planted in the fall will not bloom, it can begin to establish itself for the following growing season.

The trick here is to mulch well to protect the roots. This will allow for your plants to be larger than if you waited until spring to plant.



Mint is another popular herb like lavender that can be started in the fall and will grow in the spring, allowing you to enjoy flavorful and fragrant teas. It is one of the good smelling herbs you can grow indoors.

Mint will spread and take over large spaces making it a great filler plant to plant in the fall so it has time to spread before spring arrives where it will be one of the earlier plants to grow.

Planting Fruit Trees in the Fall

The fall is the perfect time to put in new fruit trees and bushes. The cooler temperatures help to prevent the shock of being transplanted which is common in the hot summer.

These trees will then have enough time to establish roots before the winter and will not be attempting to grow more leaves or flowers like when you plant them in the spring. This can greatly increase the success rate of your plantings and allow your fruit trees to thrive.

Final Thoughts on the Best Vegetables and Herbs to Plant in the Fall

You don’t have to wait till spring to plant your vegetables or herbs. There are some vegetables and herbs you can plant in the fall, including carrots, collard greens, scallions, mint, lavender etc. Apart from veggies and herbs, you can also plant some fruit trees and bushes in the autumn. And the good news is, the cooler temperatures can help prevent transplant shock.

Vegetables and herbs you can plant in the fall

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