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Best Vegetables to Grow in a Small Garden

Easy Vegetable to Grow in Small Spaces

Now that gardening season is upon us, it’s time to start figuring out some of the best vegetables to grow in a small garden.

Luckily, planting a garden doesn’t have to require a ton of extra space.

When it comes to starting a garden in your backyard, you’re going to love this simple gardening tips! 

Anytime that anyone thinks about starting a garden, they always imagine a huge plot of land full of abundance space. But in reality, a garden area can actually be quite a small space.

This is because there is actually a large array of vegetables that don’t require having a ton of room.

So that tiny spot or raised garden bed in your outdoor area or on your back porch can actually produce a healthy and plentiful crop. 

The best vegetables to grow in a small garden

Vegetable Gardening Questions and Tips

How do you start a garden for beginners?

This is probably one of the most important questions that you’re going to have to ask yourself.

If you’re new to gardening, learning how to start a garden is key. One of the first steps that you’re going to want to do is figure out a space for your garden area that offers good drainage and great sun. 

Once you have that tackled, you can then dive into figuring out what vegetable seeds you want to plant.

Make certain that you’re choosing seeds that are going to thrive and grow in the soil and climate in the area that you live because if not, they’re probably not going to survive. 

You also need to make certain that you educate yourself on soil additives (if you’re going to use any) as well as garden maintenance tips as well.

Even though having a small backyard garden doesn’t take a ton of work, there will still be a bit of upkeep that you’re going to have to do. 

What can I put in a small vegetable garden?

While we’ll dive into a full list of great vegetable items to plant later, it’s important to point out that you can also use your garden for herbs as well.

Many people find that planting their own herbs is a great way to save money from buying them at the store and also enhancing the flavor of homemade meals as well. 

One of the most simple herbs to grow in your small garden area is cilantro, but be ready.

It’s going to grow really quickly and will grow in quite an abundance as well. (enough to share with your neighbors or friends!)

What vegetables keep producing?

Vegetables that keep producing

This is also important to remember! There are actually some vegetables that will keep producing great produce throughout the months as long as they’re getting water and sunshine.

Planting these vegetables are a great way to ensure that your crop is giving you delicious veggies for many months without worry.

The vegetables that you can easily plant that keep producing include spinach, cucumbers, and tomatoes. (just to name a few)

This doesn’t mean that they’re going to regrow on their own year after year but it does mean that they’ll grow new buds and plants even after you’ve picked off the ripe ones. 

And if you’re looking for a fruit that WILL continue to produce and bloom on its own every year, planting a few strawberry plants can give you that option as well.

Just know though that they will grow runners and spread out quite quickly, so the strawberry plant will start to take over your small garden space if you’re not careful. 

Best Vegetable to Grow in Small Spaces

Best vegetables to grow in a small garden

Now that we’ve answered some of the most common questions that people have when it comes to backyard vegetable gardens, let’s talk about some of the veggies to grow in a small garden that you should consider planting this garden season.

(It’s also important to keep in mind that all veggies will grow at a different rate and speed.

Some will need to be planted sooner than others or even started inside and transferred so pay attention to that when you’re choosing what you want in your garden.)



Tomatoes are great for small spaces because they grow up and not out.

They’ll also require little maintenance and can actually produce quite a bit of food.

Just make certain that you’re keeping an eye on them for bugs and worms as they can quickly take over and eat tomato plants in a jiffy.

Also, planting a variety of tomato plants can give you many different tastes, too. Cherry tomatoes are really popular because of their small size and sweet taste! 



Peas are another great vegetable to grow in a small garden area because they happen to grow up as well.

And since they grow their pods above the soil, you can easily keep an eye on them and know when it’s time to pick.



Lettuce is actually a great backyard garden vegetable to start with because it’s really resilient and will grow pretty quickly.

The key to keeping your lettuce strong and growing is to make certain that you’re providing it with plenty of water.

One major tip for watering your garden though is that you don’t want to water your vegetable plants during the middle of the day when the sun is shining down on them.

While the water is good for them and needs to happen, make certain that you’re watering them early in the morning hours or later at night.

This is because if the leaves of the plants get wet during the hottest part of the day, there’s a very good chance that they’ll become wilted and might even have an effect on their growing capabilities. 

What is the hardest vegetable to grow?

Just because we’ve talked a lot about some of the easiest vegetables to grow, it’s just as important to educate yourself on the hardest vegetable to grow.

While it takes a certain climate and soil to grow it, wasabi is actually the hardest vegetable to grow.

This is why you won’t find it in many gardens or areas that don’t have expert gardeners watching over and growing the plants.

What vegetable takes the shortest time to grow?

If you’re looking for the best vegetable to grow in the shortest amount of time, you’re going to want to fill your garden with radishes.

This vegetable can produce and grow within 21 days of being planted so it’s a great one to start in a small garden area with ease.

Best Vegetables to Grow in a Small Garden – Final Thoughts

As you can tell, you can easily start your backyard garden with any of the vegetables mentioned above even if you have limited space.

You can also grow other vegetables such as cucumbers, beets, and peppers as well. 

When it comes to ensuring that your garden will be a success, follow the planting directions that are listed on the package.

And keep the garden area weeded so that the planted seeds aren’t going to be having to share any of the dirt space with unnecessary roots. 

Before you know it, your garden will be blooming and full of delicious vegetables that you can walk right out your back door and pick! 

What are some other vegetables to grow in a small garden that you’re going to try and plant? 

Best vegetables to grow in small spaces

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.