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7 Best Manure Forks

Best Manure Fork Reviews 2021

If you are looking for the best manure forks, then you’ve come to the right place. In this detailed review, we take a look at the top manure forks available out there on the market.

Having a good manure fork will help make the tasks of scooping animal poop, cleaning your stall, and lifting manure easier.

However, choosing the right fork might be overwhelming especially if it’s your first time.

Having a rough idea of what to look for will help you make the right choice. Their features and benefits will help you make an informed buying decision so you can get value for your money.

Best manure fork

Now, let’s dive into the reviews!

7 Best Rated Manure Forks Reviews

#1. Truper 880154539 Pro Manure Fork

 Truper 880154539 Truper 30323 Pro Manure Fork

The Truper Pro is unmatchable, thanks to its bedded shape. It has the ability to scoop big chunks of manure, making your work easier.

The manufacturers had your comfort in mind when they designed it. The fiberglass handle of 50 inches is softly cushioned, giving you balance and control over the fork.

Additionally, the handle is lightweight, thus enabling you to scoop the manure faster and efficiently.

The trooper fork is quite sturdy because of the rivet connection that holds the neck of the fork and the handle.

Whether you are a commercial farmer or just gardening as a hobby, you will love this fork. You are assured of long-term service and value for your money.


  • Scoops lots of manure
  • It is sturdy
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Poor packaging

#2. Miller PDF103 B000HHM3D8 DURA Fork 

 Miller PDF103 B000HHM3D8 DURA Fork Head ONLY-Red

Your search for a reliable fork for manure comes to an end with the Miller Dura fork. It is a definition of strength and flexibility thanks to the polycarbonate build.

You will pick the manure easily without spilling because of the uniquely angled tines.

Also, the head is wide enough to hold big chunks of manure.

A fork is not something that you buy every month, and therefore your choice must be durable.

With the miller Dura fork, you won’t be going fork shopping anytime soon because it is built to last.

You will love the head because it is perfectly angled to scoop the manure effectively without spilling.


  • Well bolted
  • Serves as a rake
  • The head is replaceable


  • It is small and flimsy
  • Not ideal for heavy-duty tasks

#3. LITTLE GIANT DuraFork Pitch Basket Manure Fork

 LITTLE GIANT DuraFork Pitch Fork

Designed with you in mind, the Little Giant is among the best you can have. It is a unique fork, more so because of its polycarbonate construction.

Unlike most farm manure forks, this unit doesn’t spill through its tines since they are well angled.

It is versatile, and therefore you can use it for hauling manure and for clean-ups within your compound.

Another outstanding feature of this manure fork is its durability. Its well-thought-out design will serve you for a long time.

Also, it is easy to clean, and you can choose the color you want from blue, black, red, green, or pink.


  • Easy to store
  • Has an eyelet for hanging
  • It has a riveted handle


  • Wooden handle that can break
  • High price



The Ergieshovel is an innovative manure fork that will make work easier on your farm. It is available in black and orange and has a rake style design.

You will not have difficulty using it because it has a large D-grip to help you control the fork.

This manure fork is also lightweight, and therefore you can scoop the manure with ease.

You will have less stress on your back and work for longer when using this fork thanks to the extra handle, which helps to cushion the jarring impact on your back. 


  • Easy to store
  • Durable design


  • It doesn’t shovel to the bottom
  • Wobbles back and forth

#5. Dover Saddlery Forever Fork (Lightweight Manure Fork)

 Dover Saddlery Forever Fork

Compared to the traditional fork, the Dover Saddlery Forever Fork is lightweight.

It also has many tines, a feature that ensures that you won’t spill the waste. It is also ideal for picking tiny pieces of manure.

With its aluminum construction, the Dover fork is a light yet strong fork for manure.

It is also durable because of the UV stabilizers in the tines. The UV stabilizers protect the tines from breakage and damage.

They also help keep your hands from jarring impact; hence you can work with it for long without tiring your wrists or shoulders.

However, the metal handle can get chilly during the winter, so be sure to get a nice pair of gloves!


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use


  • Tines not made for excess pressure
  • It is expensive

#6. AMES 2826900 6-Tine Forged Manure Fork

 AMES 2826900 6-Tine Forged Manure Fork

The AMES 2826900 fork is made in the USA with the farmer in mind. Featuring 6 tines, it is made to move manure, wood chips, and hay, making it the ultimate gardening tool for your cleaning activities.

The quality is excellent, and you can trust it for its durability. 

You’ll also appreciate this fork for its soft handle, which is comfortable to your hands and ideal for balancing.

Though this manure fork is lightweight, it is sturdy enough to perform its duties effectively. Besides, it is easy to use.


  • Soft to the hands
  • Ideal for a compost pile
  • A balanced fork


  • Strains the back after hours of use

#7. Hisco HIMF5D-W

 Hisco HIMF5D-W Five Tine Manure Fork with Forged Steel Blade

The Hisco HIMF5D-W is another American made manure fork featuring 5 tines and a forged steel blade.

Weighing 3.8 lbs, it’s not too light that it will break easily, and it’s not too heavy that it will break your back.

With its D-grip handle, you can scoop the manure for a long period at a time because it helps you keep balance. 

In addition, the handle is comfortable and makes your job easier.

With its steel construction, the fork gives an assurance of serving you for long and giving you value for your money.


  • Sturdy
  • Well balanced


  • Available in only 5-tine
  • Taller people may have an issue using it

How to Choose a Good Fork Manure

There are several factors that you must consider when choosing a good manure fork.

You don’t want something that will exert excess pressure on your back.

With proper consideration of the below factors, you will pick the best manure fork and get value for your money.


When buying something, you want the best to avoid wasting a lot of money in replacements and repairs.

Therefore, as you search for a manure fork, you need to ensure high quality.

The fork should be strong and sturdy. Also, if the head or handle is metallic, it would be best to pick one that doesn’t rust. In addition, it should be easy to clean.


This is another essential factor to consider before purchasing a manure fork.

It should not be too heavy since you won’t be able to lift it. On the other hand, the fork should not be too light because it might easily break if you lift heavy manure with it. Check out a couple of forks and get one that you are comfortable with the weight.


The number of tines in a fork is another critical factor to consider. This is because there are different types of forks.

For example, a potato fork has fewer tines compared to a manure fork. A manure fork should have more than five tines which should be spread out.

Also, the tines should be thin and a bit curved for proper scooping of manure.

If you are wondering what the role of tines is, they help scoop the waste and prevent spilling.


You might be in trouble if you pick a manure fork with the wrong handle.

A good manure fork should have a long handle so you don’t bend too low when scooping.

Also, ensure the handle is thick such that the weight of the manure doesn’t break it.

Additionally, it should be soft to your hands so that you can use it for a long time. You don’t want to nurse blisters after cleaning your shed. 


This is the primary determiner of whether you will get the fork or not. How much are you willing to spend?

The amount of money you have may give you a quality and long-lasting fork or not.

However, good quality does not always equal expensive, and therefore you can get a good fork for less. All you have to do is research intensively and know what you’re looking for, and the best place to get it from.


Scooping manure and cleaning your stall are not easy tasks. And these tasks can’t be done properly without a good manure fork. The best manure forks should be easy and safe to use, especially for your back. If I was to recommend one over the rest, I would go for the Truper Pro fork because it is strongly built, comfortable, and can withstand heavy-duty tasks. 

Best rated manure forks

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