Tips for Growing Tomatoes in Grow Bags


Growing tomatoes in grow bags is one of your best options if you don’t  have enough space in your backyard to plant a garden. You can use them  to grow your tomatoes indoors, on your balcony or outside.

Here are the reasons

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What are the Best Types of Tomatoes to Grow in Grow Bags?

The best tomato varieties to grow in grow bags include: – Moneymaker – Fandango – Cherry – Beefsteak – Big boy tomatoes


Select Your Grow Bags

Select a  grow bag that is big enough to contain the plant. This will ensure that your container holds the adequate soil to provide water and nutrients for your plant’s growth.

2. Cut a Hole at the Bottom of the Grow Bag

Cut a hole at the bottom of the bag to drain out excess water so that your soil is not waterlogged.


Fill the Bag with Soil

Fill up the grow bag with the prepared soil and dig suitable holes in the soil to plant your tomato seedlings. Tomatoes do well in well-drained and aerated soils. They are, however, not that picky on the soil type that you plant them on.

4.  Dig Planting Holes in the Soil and Plant Your Seedlings

You will need to make hole in the soil to plant your seedlings. Plant your tomato seedlings in the holes you made.


Water Deeply and Regularly

Once you have planted the tomato, you will need to water it regularly. But be careful not to overwater. you will also want to spray liquid fertilizers regularly, especially when they start flowering.

6.  Support Your Tomato Plants with Trellis

Tomato stems are weak, so you will need to support them with trellis.



Tomatoes require at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight for photosynthesis. So, you will need to continually move the crop from its shade to a sunny place so that it can get sufficient sunlight.

8.  Fertilizer

Feed your tomato plants with the proper nutrients regularly. You could  do this by using liquid fertilizers that you spray on your crops every  two weeks.


Control Root Temperature

If the root temperature gets too high, you could quickly transfer your  plant into a fabric grow bag or perforate holes into the plastic grow  bag.

10.   Pest and Disease Control

You will regularly need to protect your tomato plant from diseases and  pests. You can either opt for the chemical or the organic option  depending on your preference.

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