Peace Lily Flower Turning Brown: 8 Reasons + Solutions

Peace Lily flowers only live about 30 days, with the white bloom lasting only around 10 days . Your Peace Lily flower turning brown could be a normal occurrence  because it might be a sign that your flower has reached the end of its  lifespan, causing the flower to wilt and turn brown. If you find your Peace Lily flower is turning brown before the flower’s  lifespan has reached its normal end you probably want to know why and  look for appropriate solution.

Move your plant to an area that faces an Eastern-facing window (not  directly in front) so it gets indirect morning light without being directly in the sun.

1. Direct Sunlight


Peace Lilies are tropical plants and therefore need to have higher temperatures in order to remain healthy. Place your plant in a room where you can keep the temperature constantly at above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Wrong Temperature


The tropics are places of high humidity and the Peace Lily needs to live  in a humid environment in order to thrive and for the plant to flower. Use a small humidifier or humidity tray to improve the humidity.

3. Lack of Humdity


Once the winter has past you should only fertilize your plant once every 6 weeks, from spring through fall.

4. Too Much Fertilizer


Tap water often has fluorine and other chemicals that may be toxic to your plant. The simplest way to avoid using tap water is to buy and use filtered water for your plant.

5. Watering Your Plant with Tap Water


If your plant comes in a small pot, then transplant your plant once into a pot in the size that will accommodate your plant when it is full-grown.

6. Transplanting Your Plant too Often


Following the plants care instructions to the letter and making sure you  water your plant at the same time every day can help reduce the stress  to the plant and help to keep it healthy.

7. Stress


Peace Lilies do not live forever. Your Peace Lily flower goes through a life cycle. There really isn’t anything you can do to prevent your plant itself from aging. However, with proper care your flower should  last for its entire lifespan.

8. Age


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