Best Vegetables to Grow in Shallow Containers

While container gardening offers a good alternative to conventional  backyard gardening, some plants need very large containers.  So, what do  you do when all you have are small, shallow containers, windowsills, window boxes, and other smaller spaces? Well, not all plants need deep soil to thrive.  Read on to find out the shallow rooted vegetables that grow well in shallow containers.


Green Onion



Swiss Chard

– Ensure the containers have enough drainage holes. – Fill the containers to the brim with potting soil. – Plant the seedlings and make sure they get enough sunlight during the first few hours according to the plants’ requirements. – If you don’t get enough sunlight, consider LED grow lights. – Water  frequently since the soil may not retain a lot of water. But be careful  not to overwater. Ensure the soil is dry by checking with your fingers  before watering again. – Feed the plants adequately with organic fertilizer.

Tips for Growing Vegetables in Shallow Containers

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