Easy Tips for Changing the Color of Hydrangeas

How to Change Hydrangea Colors

The color of your hydrangea has to do with the pH balance of the soil in and around the flowers. Test your soil PH.  A PH of 5.5 will give you blue flowers, between 5.5 to 6.5 will produce purple flowers and 7 will give you red and pink.

One thing that we can all agree on is that hydrangea flowers are quite a beautiful sight, no matter what color they might be. Depending on what coloring you’re going for, you can change your  flower to be pink, blue, purple or another color option as well.

Can You Change the Color of White Hydrangea?

No, white hydrangea flowers cannot be changed.

How to Change Hydrangea Color to Pink

To change hydrangea color from blue to pink, you will need to reduce the aluminum content of the soil to make it alkaline. You can use garden lime for this.

How to Turn Hydrangeas Blue

You can turn pink hydrangea blue by making the soil acidic, which requires increasing the aluminum content of the soil. Add aluminum sulfate or coffee grounds to the  soil.

How to Turn the Color of Hydrangeas to Purple

Follow the same process  as with turning the color blue. That being said, instead of aiming for a  PH of 5.5, you should aim for 5.5-6.5.

Are Tea Bags Good for Hydrangea?

Adding tea bags to your soil around the flower will actually turn your flower color to blue. What a fun way to change the coloring of your plants and flowers!

Are Eggshells Good for Hydrangeas?

Many people will save up their eggshells, crush them up, and add them to the soil around their hydrangeas. This will ultimately make their flowers turn into a beautiful shade of pink.

Why are My Hydrangea Flowers Turning Brown?

Brown blooms on your hydrangea plant is an indicator that  you’re needing to give them more water. This is a sign that they’re  wilting and need to be given a boost.

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